Ainad Drum & Bugle Corps
East St. Louis, Illinois

How It All Began

The Ainad Drum and Bugle Corps was originally formed in 1923 as an off-shoot of the Arab Patrol. 

During the early years, the Corps strictly performed at Temple functions however; this changed shortly before World War II, when the Corps began performing at parades and concerts on a limited basis.

After the War, the ranks of the Drum corps swelled with Veterans of the military service. With this, public appearances of the Corps became increasingly more popular in Southwestern Illinois and the St. Louis area.

In 1962 the Ainad Drum and Bugle Corps began its competitive tradition and won  1st place honors at the North American Imperial Session held in Toronto, Canada, with several Championships thereafter.

In 1963, the Great Lake Drum and Bugle Corps Assoc. was formed and Ainad became a member. Since that tiime, the Ainad Drum Corps has been an inspirational musical icon both at  Great Lakes and Imperial leve

Barney Barnes is an iconic figure in the history of Ainad Drum and Bugle Corps. He has put together a book of his memories of the many years he spent as the Drum Major of the Corps.

You can read his book by clicking the link below!
        Thanks Barney for the Memories!

Circa 1923
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